The Role of 90s Advertising

The sources I researched over the semester overwhelming implied, contrary to my hypothesis, that 1990s cigar advertising did not do much to develop the cigar’s identity, rather, they corroborated it.  Thus, many of the advertisements I found would not make much sense and definitely be ineffective without the insinuation that the cigar symbolizes what it does.  For the most part, cigar advertisements contained significantly more text then their counterparts (i.e. cigarette, chewing tobacco ads) and played on ideas unheard of to the rest of the tobacco advertisement industry.


cigar ad        cigar ad 2


Here are two examples of 1990s cigar advertisements.  Both contain no images aside from the cigar being promoted, and both contain enough text that one desiring the ad’s full effect would have to take a moment to read it.  Just in being primarily textual advertisements, these pictures give off a feeling of sophistication and complexity, unlike the flashy, over-the-top imagery commonly used to advertise other cigar products.



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