Other Techniques in Image Development

In addition to being a medium for celebrity and athlete endorsements, Cigar Aficionado had two other major functions that worked to develop the image of the cigar.  First, there was always an editorial about gambling and golf in every single issue of Cigar Aficionado, and second, the other goods/services advertised in the magazine were selectively chosen in order to send a message.  Shifting the focus to the magazine’s editorials, by consistently putting the cigar in the same conversation as gambling and golf – two activities closely associated with wealth and indulgence – the cigar itself came to trigger such feelings of importance in the heads of many.


golf cigar    CA golf


A very traditional sport, golf has garnered an identity as an activity for wealthy, sophisticated, or well-off individuals.  This stems from the habit of golf clubs to enforce dress codes excluding informal wear, the expensive costs to play at quality golf courses, and the money involved in properly equipping oneself to play.  Pictured above is an image taken from Cigar Aficionado‘s “Good Life” section online, indicating the magazine’s long-standing desire to highlight the cigar as a supplement for golfers.


gambling cigar         CA gambling


The inclusion of editorials regarding gambling works in similar ways as golfing ones, as gambling, by definition, involves the risk of one’s own wealth in hopes of increasing it.  Thus, gambling is an activity often engaged in by people who don’t have much to lose in the grand scheme of things – the same people who often dress lavishly and make it known that they are of a wealthy background.  Gambling has since been notorious for being an activity reserved for wealthy people.  Similar to the section on golfing, Cigar Aficionado serves as a promoter of gambling and its image, making sure that readers are keen on the action.


cigar liquor        luxury cigar


The other major function of Cigar Aficionado was to cross-promote and advertise.  Just like sports magazines would advertise athletic apparel and equipment to go along with the theme of sports, Cigar Aficionado advertised upscale clothing, premium liquors, expensive jewelry, and posh cars to go along with the theme of luxury.  What this selective advertisement did for the cigar was solidify its meaning as a symbol of luxury and indulgence, among other things.

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