A Vision for the Cigar

Come 1992, the cigar boom is nearly in full swing.  A man who began his career on Wall Street but by the 1990s had shifted his focus to publishing magazines saw an opportunity.




Marvin Shanken, in response to what he claimed as “the increasing number of men who enjoy smoking expensive cigars,” introduced the world to Cigar Aficionado.




This magazine, which is considered the catalyst of the 1990’s cigar boom, was instrumental to the establishment of the cigar as a strong American symbol of wealth, power, and success.  My research project’s thesis statement echoes this: Cigar Aficionado, being what ultimately kick-started the social revival of the cigar in the 1990s, made the cigar acceptable and stylish while it contributed to the cigar’s meaning as a symbol of masculinity, success, and indulgence that gives its user a sense of power and superiority – an idea perpetuated by advertisements and promotions during the 1990s.

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